Prostitution and the Bride of Christ

bride_of_christ_hahlbohm_l_kekiImagine, that you are engaged to be married to the love of your life.  You buy your fiancé every great thing they desire.  Rings, jewels, expensive dinners and cars.  Every whim is granted to them.  You love them with every fiber of your being.  However, it turns out that this isn’t enough.  You learn that you are one of many who are treating your soon to be bride to these pleasures.  She is just a common whore, giving her body over to any man who provides her with wealth and comfort.

Now, imagine for a moment that You are God.  You have created a people and your desire is for them to live happily, abundantly and love You with abandon.  So, You give and You give.  You provide them with amazing gifts like great tasting food, drink and entertainment.  You allow them the freedom to do whatever they want, in…

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