Jesus and Doctor Who

Over the past couple of months I have become what some would called obsessed with Doctor Who.  Why?  I don’t know.  It’s not for everyone I suppose, but there are a few things that I absolutely love about the show.  First of all, the actors are just plain lovable.  Secondly, who doesn’t fantasize about seeing the stars and planets?

I have asked countless people the question “If you could go anywhen and anywhere in the universe, where and when would it be?”  The answers I have received were varied.  Some people are Doctor Who fans and used the places the Doctor and his companions traveled to determine their answers.  Others have never seen an episode, so their responses were unbiased.  One person said, “Heaven, to visit my grandmother.” and another “the library planet”.  My response would be to allow the driver of the spaceship, who had experience and over 900 years experience tell me where we should go.

How would your life look if you truly allowed God to be the driver?  He is the one with all knowledge.  He is the one who has seen the end from the beginning.  There’s nothing wrong with having plans!

Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

The Holy Spirit reserves the right to take us off course, but we have to have a course for Him to take us off of.  I try to live with God’s ultimate purpose constantly in mind.  There are some decisions I’m not too sure the Lord focuses on, such as, Chicken or Beef tonight?  But, the big decisions, Where should I live?  Which job should I take?  Who should I marry?  What college or school should I attend?  What church should I be planted in? –these decisions can not be made without God’s direction!

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker:


At what point do we believe that we should be the pilot??  If it’s up to me, God can pilot the plane/spaceship/car/train/LIFE.  He has the answers, not me.  He knows the way to my best, not me.  I see far too often people asking the Lord to bless what they are doing.  My Pastor in Florida always used to say, “Lord, don’t bless what we are doing – let us do what you are blessing!”  Great words to live by if you ask me.




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