The Worst Billboard EVER

My wife and I went on an excursion today.  It was a beautiful mid 70s day here in Texas, and we figured we’d take advantage of it.  We went to a town called Grapevine, TX and had a blast checking out the area.  Their historic downtown was beautiful and a ton of fun.  We also took a side trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  If you are unaware of this place, go to and prepare to be amazed.  Indoor water parks and games… it was crazy.  We just walked around, since you have to be a guest to use the water park.

On the way home, we travelled through Downtown Ft Worth and I saw what could be one of the worst billboard campaigns I’ve ever seen.  It was awful and I detested it.  It simply said, “WHY SHOULD I LET YOU INTO HEAVEN – GOD.”

What some would call righteous anger immediately welled up inside of me, I just call it anger.  I wanted to find whoever did it and throttle them a little bit.  I didn’t see the web address at the bottom, but I’m sure it was a cheesy HTML 1.0 disgrace that looked like it was built in 1994 on AOL webpage maker.  If I could calm down for a minute… there we go.

So, as I settled down tears began to come to my eyes.  First of all, I felt bad for the person or organization who would even think that it was a good idea.  Secondly, I thought about the thousands and thousands, possible hundreds of thousands of people that would see this campaign this week alone.  Why would anyone want to portray our God to the world in this fashion?  He isn’t some evil tyrant living in a city of gold looking for you to prove your worth enough for Him to grant you entrance.  On the contrary!  He is a LOVING, PASSIONATE, GENEROUS GOD who wants nothing more than to share His kingdom with as many people as He possible can.

He didn’t “invent” Heaven for the elitist.  He didn’t create Hell as a punishment for us humans who aren’t good enough for Him.  It pains God greatly when people don’t choose Him.  Our freewill is what makes us so special to Him.  He wants us to be the ones to chose Him.  Hell was a place designed for the rebel angels.  He sent Lucifer and the rebels to Hell for uprising against Him in Heaven.  That was their punishment.  God is LOVE, but do you know what else He is?  He is JUST.  And because He is a just judge the unfortunate truth is that all rebels must be treated the same way.  When we choose to not be a part of God’s kingdom, we essentially choose to be a part of the rebel kingdom.  This, and this alone, keeps us out of Heaven.

God isn’t waiting in Heaven to ask “Why should I let you in?”  He is sitting in Heaven in eager expectation for the day you will arrive.  He is rooting for you, He is your biggest fan.  All He is waiting for is for you to invite Him into your life.

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  1. Angela says:

    This was very well said. You need to make a billboard.

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