Denounce The CEO Club!

Easter Sunday is quickly coming upon us; and that means something significant for the church.  In America, we see 15% of “unchurched” folk come to church on Easter and Christmas… lovingly known as the CEO Club (Christmas and Easter Only) or Chreasters.  So, why is it that they aren’t retained in the church?  In other words… why do they continue, year after year to only commit those 2 days to go to church?

I believe it is our fault as Christians.  I don’t believe that we as believers give unbelievers any indication that we are happy with the choice we’ve made to follow Christ.  When a non-christian can go to a bar on a saturday night and have a blast getting drunk and hanging out with happy people doing “fun” stuff, why would they want to come to a church where everyone is somber and depressed looking?

Sunday morning should be family getting together to honor their Father.  Church was designed to CELEBRATE what Christ did for us.  Especially Easter.  I need to know where American Christian’s joy is?  Because my Bible says that the JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH.

David writes, “You have put more joy and rejoicing in my heart than [they know] when their wheat and new wine have yielded abundantly. Psalm 4:7”

He saw what I saw.  He saw a bunch of people experiencing joy when they were partying and eating and drinking; but He recognizes that the LORD has given us unending JOY.  People should crave the thing that we have.  They should see us from afar and notice an unspeakable joy upon our faces.

I have a very good friend who I’ve once described as “the smile with a body”.  When he isn’t smiling I get concerned for him.  I ask “what’s wrong??”  I’m so used to seeing him with the joy of the LORD on the outside that when it isn’t visible I know something is amiss.  That should be us… perpetually.  SMILES WITH BODIES.  The first thing people should see when they look at us is JOY, then when they are able to dissect the reason for our joy, they should recognize CHRIST.

This Easter, invite someone to church.  If you go to Trinity West (, grab a yard sign or door hangers from the office; they are available for free.  Tell a co-worker to take the plunge.  Ask God to allow you to view people with His eyes.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Love this!

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