God Is Faithful!

It is my desire this morning to remind all of you that if there is one party lacking in your relationship it isn’t God.  If you find your relationship with God dwindling – it isn’t Him.  If you find yourself out of touch with God – it isn’t Him!


God’s love is perfection.  Our love is inadequate.  God’s Faithfulness is never ending.  Ours is fickle.  God’s grace is outstretched toward us daily.  Most of us don’t even understand the word.  God’s mercy is new each morning.  We have to ask how many times to forgive.  God’s righteousness is ours to “borrow”.  Our righteousness doesn’t exist outside of Him.

Without God we are filthy rags.  We are meat for the slaughterhouse.  God supplies every good thing.  I want you to understand that according to our Bible, God is active in creation.  This means that every breath you take you only take because God ALLOWS you to.  You aren’t automatic.  He can say “enough” whenever He desires.

As you carry on routine behavior this day, walking, talking, breathing, blinking, etc.  Remember it is Him who allows each action.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    Ohh how I needed to be reminded of this today! thank you

    1. God is good isn’t He?

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