AXIS Rewind: Family Ties – SIBLINGS

In Luke 11, we see Jesus praying and His disciples petitioning Him to teach them to pray. He tells them to start by calling God their Father. Up until this point in the history of the world, God was not commonly referred to as father. In 39 books, covering a few thousand years, only 14 times was God referred to as Father. Even this was only by nations, never by individuals. There wasn’t a concept of God being our personal father.

Then comes Jesus, who, on 60 occasions called God father. This is one of many reasons the Pharisees sought to crucify Christ.

The more you get to know God as your Father, the easier it’ll be to talk to God.

If you want to learn to pray, don’t look to religious people. Look at children with a father who adores them.

A man with a degree from Cambridge in Cultural Context of the New Testament writes, In the days of the Roman Empire, and of the early church, it was illegal to call someone brother, sister, mother, or father that was not a biological relative because a family name carried with it an inheritance and property rights.

It upset the social order, radically altering and upending the entire civic structure which was until that day the largest most powerful empire ever on earth. Jesus introduced the idea of family in the church. God is the Father, He is the big brother, we are all siblings.

Do you have siblings? Have you ever been annoyed with your siblings?

Are you annoyed with someone in your church? Let me say this… if you aren’t annoyed with someone at church than you probably aren’t as close as you should be with each other. Brothers and sisters annoy each other… that’s normal, that’s healthy. It means you care.


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