Who’s Your Family?

I’ve been really torn lately in my studies.  There’s a new trend circulating in the church (the general church body) called Reformed Theology, a form of Calvinism.  I’ve been studying the doctrines and trying to figure it all out.  Are we elected?  Do we have free will?  When you get saved, is that it?  Are you saved for life?  Has God predestined us?  The more I study, the more upset I get.  Everything I find is just one guy arguing against another guy and both of them are making quite a bit of sense.  Both sides use valid scripture to argue their points…

And then it hit me… If you can’t play well with others, you don’t belong in the family.

When we argue, and slander, and persecute each other we are being immature.  We need to repent.  We are all brothers and sisters, children of the SAME God.  This isn’t like we are debating with Mormons, or Muslims, we are talking to each other here.  One side believes the other side misinterpreted scripture and the other side feels the same way.  So, at some point there needs to be a decision made to agree to disagree and get on to the part where we all worship God together in unity.  Christ died for all of us.  If we are serving Jesus Christ then we are part of the Christian family.

If you have so much pride in what doctrine you follow, or what man decided upon that doctrine, then again I say you are immature and need to repent.  It’s not about any man but Jesus Christ, the God, the deity that we serve whole-heartedly.  Does anything else really matter?  You believe He came?  Died?  Rose again?  Healed?  Delivered?  Do you believe He is coming again?  Then we are done here.  Stop arguing.  Stop wasting your life.  There are people who need the love of Christ – are we showing it to them?  Or are we bickering amongst ourselves?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! Great word.

  2. Dan says:

    People always try to make the Bible harder to understand than it truly is. Predestined? No. If God is all knowing He then knows who will be saved and who won’t. Free will? Absolutely. Once saved always saved? Only God knows for sure. I guess we will one day find out.

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