God Is Not An Egg!

How many of you remember in Sunday School getting the egg lecture?  You know the one… God is like an egg, whites, yoke, and shell?  It’s a cute analogy, but all together wrong.

The Triune God is a complicated thing, something that an egg could never explain.  Unfortunately, the egg-sample (sorry I had to) gives to the belief that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all three different Gods.  This is an example of Tritheism, the belief of Mormons and Hindus.  God is not three separate persons – nor, on the other hand, is He one manifestation of three personas.

The Trinity is rather three eternal distinctions within the substance of God.  Although we can truly know God, we can never FULLY know God.  That is the mystery of God.  There are three basic assertions of the doctrine of the Trinity;

1. God is three persons.

2. Each person is fully God.

3. God is one.

The whole God is in all three persons, and all three persons is the Whole God.  We must understand that we can not separate them from each other.  In other words, you can’t pray to Jesus without the Father knowing, and the Holy Spirit will never convey something to you that Jesus doesn’t know about.  Why is this important?  Because nothing less is at stake than knowing who God is – and we must know who God is.

We see a perfect example of this when Christ is baptized by His cousin John in Matthew chapter 3.  Jesus goes into the water and immediately the spirit of God descends upon Him like a dove (this doesn’t imply that the Holy Spirit is a dove, it says like a dove.  The Spirit is a person, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as Him or He) and the voice of God (the Father) speaks from heaven declaring, “This is My Son with Whom I am well pleased”  So, this shows us three distinct persons, all performing different acts, yet all three One.

Inasmuch as there is no real analogy to explain this phenomenon; it may be akin to our own bodies.  We have a body, a spirit and a soul.  The Bible tells us that all three things act separately from one another.  Our bodies move, speak, act.  Our spirits commune with God.  Our soul is our evil portion that wants us to sin and act against God.  Although I wouldn’t call any part of the Triune God our soul, it is a decent representation of three parts making up one Whole.

Since I don’t have room for the book that it would take to explain this, I ask for any questions you may have concerning it.  We can answer questions which will lead to more enlightenment on the subject.

God is great.  He is a mystery.  No one will ever fully know God.  But it is important for us to understand WHO God is.  He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;  Three eternal persons within the substance of One God.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the explanation, but there are some of us who just couldn’t get how 1 in 3 worked/functioned and honestly that’s how I eventually ‘got it’! (With the egg)!

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