Today is national voting, Are you ready?  We are voting for senators and governors as well as amendments of sorts.   I thought that I’d post a link to a very helpful website that will allow you to read about all the candidates and their beliefs.

Sorry for all you out of towners, this is local to Palm Beach County.  You can find your city/state/county on Christian Coalition’s website (just google it)

Please, remember that it is our responsibility as Christians to vote morally.  We live in God’s economy, not this countries’.  God will take care of our wallets, don’t doubt that.  He requires us to vote for life and marriage.  Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in who your daddy voted for or what party you belong to… this is about God, not political party.

Jesus loves you all!


– also, happy birthday to me… thought I’d kick it off right eh?


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