I Am So Blessed

When I think about all that I have in my life I can’t help but feel blessed.  Every now and then I take time to consider what God has given me.  Right now is one of those times.  I hope to inspire you to think about God’s hand of blessing upon your own life.  Sure, I’m dealing with housing problems, financial struggles, lack of a career, and countless other things… but put all of those things aside and count your blessings.  Feel free to read through my list, or if you don’t want to that’s perfectly okay.  I am not writing them for you, I am writing them for my own benefit.  It’s a great idea to write a list every now and then.

1) A God who is unconditionally loving.  Crazy and relentlessly in love with me.

2) A wife who is not only loving, caring, and thoughtful, but insanely beautiful and far more than I ever imagined I’d be allowed to have.

3) A great family.  My mom and dad have never given me any reason to believe that they have anything less than great love for me.  My grandparents were/are like a second set of parents, having helped raise both me and my brother.  Such loving people.  My brother, who’s always there for me.  My sister-in-law who is more like a sister and one of the best friends I’ve known.  Even my Aunts and Uncles and cousins who I don’t see that often are such awesome, caring people.  Not to mention all of my out of state family, including my grandmother in Connecticut who has always been great fun to be around.

4) In-Laws that I actually like!! What a blessing it is that my wife’s family is so welcoming and gracious.

5) The best church and church family I could ever desire.  God has given us great friends in the church, from Pastor’s Bryan and Cynthia Rosenbarger and all the leaders, to the congregation who is so much like a family to us.

6)  Our friends who cook us dinner and share great laughs with.  And even those friends who we no longer see and miss so dearly… some of which we never had the opportunity to even say goodbye – if you are reading this… goodbye, we love you both!

7) All of those who God has allowed my wife and I to minister to.  Including, but certainly not limited to, the readers of this blog, the Axis: Young Adults group, and all of those who worship with us on a regular basis.

I haven’t even included all of the material things that I could praise God for; A house, a car, clothing, guitars, computers, iPhones, all kinds of entertainment and luxuries.  God has given us so much more than most of the world could claim.  Thank you Jesus for your provision and your love.  Everything I am I owe to you – even my breath for which without you I’d have run out of long ago.




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