And His Glory Appears

There’s a line in the song below that sings

“You took my place, You showed me grace at the cross where You died for me.”

What a powerful lyric.  Why did Jesus do it?  What was His inspiration?  Many would argue that He had no choice; I feel this is sadly inaccurate.  Jesus was fully God and fully man… He had every temptation that we do… including the temptation to be selfish and disobey the will of God.  Thankfully, He didn’t act upon, or give into this temptation.  The Word says in Hebrews chapter 12, “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.”  We are His joy!

Any pet lovers reading?  We are on vacation right now,  my father is watching our house with all of our animals.  We have gotten over all of the hardships of this trip and are now really enjoying ourselves… however, we have said multiple times how much we miss our pets.  We own them, we care for them, we love them – they are our joy.  Parents, you surely also know the feeling when you think of your children.  They should be your joy!  Jesus saw with His spiritual eyes all of us sitting in heaven with Him – but He knew that vision would only come to fruition if He carried through His Father’s plan.  That meant dying on a cross a most painful death.  BUT… for the joy set before Him, each one of us in heaven with Him for eternity, He endured that pain and that humiliation.  Imagine being God and be persecuted and beaten by your own creation?

Parents, what if your children turned on you?  If you had shown them nothing but love their entire lives and to repay you they beat, persecuted, humiliated, embarrassed and ultimately murdered you?  All the while, feeling no remorse?  Next time you are tempted to sin, consider the joy set before you with your spiritual eyes.  Consider the day when you will stand by Christ’s side in the heaven-lies.  Consider His pain as He suffered for your sake.  God is great and He deserves our praises.



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