All God, All The Time

My wife, my sister and I shot a wedding last night.  By shot, I mean photography, not AR-15.  We stuck out like sore thumbs… we were the only white people there.  This doesn’t hold much water except for the fact that black people know how to praise God!  Have you ever been in the kind of atmosphere where everything is “hallelujah and amens”?  That was exactly how this wedding was.  It was great to be a part of it.  We met a bunch of worship leaders and pastors there and the Master(ette) of the mic was a very excitable young adult with such a heart for Jesus.

It inspired me.  As photographers, we go to alot of weddings.  Most weddings are very careful not to get too “religious” but this was the polar opposite.  If you didn’t know Jesus, you’d be uncomfortable, and that’s just the way I like it.

One quote of the night was “The couple are ready for their first dance, Praise God!”  I thought, what an awesome way to end any sentence!  I was going to the store this afternoon and almost said, “I’m going to Publix, Praise God!”  or how about, “Do you want burgers tonight?  Yes?  Hallelujah!”  This may seem like I’m making fun, but truly I’m not.  I am serious when I say that we could greatly benefit from learning how to “In all things praise the Lord.”

God should never stop.  Ministry for Jesus starts where your lawn hits the pavement, and sometimes even sooner!  I’ve said this before, God should be your last thought before bed and your first thought when you wake up.  He should be ever on your mind and praises should be constantly on your lips.  Why?  Because He made you.  He created you.  He designed you.  He formed you.  He molded you.  He shaped you.  He gives you breath.  He gives you life.  He allows you to walk.  He allows you to talk.  He allows you to touch.  He allows you to speak.  He allows you to smell.  He allows you to think.  He causes your days to turn to night and then back again.  He is constantly aware of you.  He never leaves you.  For these and so many other reasons, He should always be on your mind.

Every decision you make should be made with the knowledge of Christ in mind.  All things should be done prayerfully.  Think about this;  If the smartest person on earth lived in your house, wouldn’t you petition him for advice for everything?  Imagine this person knew the answers to every question.  Should I invest in this stock?  Should I take this job?  Should we get married?  Is it the right time to have kids?  Are we planted at the right church?  I know I’d ask guidance for every major decision I made – if this person lived in my house.  But what about the all-knowing, all-powerful God that lives inside of you?

If a tangible person lived with you, you wouldn’t give up the opportunity to glean wisdom, so why ignore God’s ability to advise, guide and direct?


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