Cry Out To A Holy God!

I love the song “Take The World But Give Me Jesus”  Because it speaks so deeply into my life.  I just wish I could let go of everything and just sit at Jesus’ feet day in and day out.  Can you imagine what it’ll be like when we are in His presence?  Have you ever felt that feeling at church or in your alone time with God?  You know the feeling.  It’s amazing.  It’s like all the power leaves your body and you are just overwhelmed with His?  Our earthly bodies can’t handle what is in store for us in heaven.  It’ll be so far beyond what we have experienced on this earth.

The angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy.  Have you ever studied that?  When, in Hebrew, a word is written three times it means perfection.  So in revelation, John hears the angels singing that God is perfectly holy.  Without even a bit of unholiness.  To take this to another level, I believe it’s more than “Holy, Holy, Holy.” I believe it’s Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy,…..   I once heard it said that the angels cry holy over and over again because they see God and cry out “Holy” then He unveils another level of holiness.  They cry out “Holy” and God unveils another level of His holiness.  And they cry HOLY! and God unveils another level of holiness.  I believe this could go on forever because God is never short of holiness. He never runs out.  He never needs to create more.  He is full of Holiness. He is full of Love, He is full of Grace.

Next time you find yourself in God’s presence, envision His holiness.  Ask Him to show you another level.  Just sit and receive as Grace and Mercy overflow out of His core.  He is waiting for you to soak in His holiness and cry out for more.  He wants to show you the secret things that He has set aside.



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