Can You Defend Your Faith?

Man!  What a rush!  I had an exhausting day.  It was awesome and hectic at the same time.  I got the opportunity to share my faith today.  Do you love sharing Jesus like I do?  You should.  It should be the best feeling in the world.

I spent the day in a car with a new friend of mine.  Great guy, really great.  We talked about so many things, but most importantly I answered all kinds of questions about God and Jesus.  Exhilarating.  When the Holy Spirit moves through you in such a way that the answers just flow like you aren’t even talking or thinking it’s just awesome.  Can you tell I’m excited?

When was the last time you shared your faith with someone?  When was the last time you encouraged someone to ask you questions about your God?  If you don’t remember then it’s time to get out there!  I want some answers here;


Why do you love God?

What has He done for you?

Why Jesus?

If someone could heal people, walk on water and raise people from the dead would you still believe that Jesus was special?  Why?  How could you tell the difference between him and Jesus?

What does Jesus have that other faiths don’t?

Who is Jesus?

Is He God?  Why do you believe that?

Aren’t you just clutching at straws here?  I mean really, God?  Why do we need God?


Answer these questions…. what if someone on the street had these for you?  Do you know how to answer them?  Can you back them up with scripture?

I love you all.  Let’s get serious about God and spread His message.  The muslims are breading themselves into the largest group in the world.  24% of the world are hate filled murderous Muslims.  What are we doing to combat that?


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  1. Dan says:

    Unfortunately people are falling for the lies (from our president all way to some churches) that the Muslim faith is a peaceful religion. In some cases it may be, those cases for the most part can be found in the US. But don’t let this fool you. There are plenty of U.S. citizens (many are young and still finding out who they are or want to be) are radical Muslims. The man that tried to set off a car bomb in Time Square recently was asked at his trial by the judge, “just last year you swore allegiance to the United States, what happened? His reply, “I didn’t mean it”. In other words his fingers were crossed and he didn’t cross his heart and hope to die. He was given life in prison to which (with a smirk on his face exclaimed) I am only the first droplet of blood among many ready to destroy the United States. This is not just one lunatics plans, there are tens of thousands more like him. There is no security measures or forces in the world capable of stopping these people. The only one who can is God Almighty. If you do not believe that these people have no conscience or compassion for other humans I dare you to go to Bare Naked and check out the videos posted. Don’t just stop at the first, be brave enough to view them all. These people are touched in the head. You can hear them laugh, you can see them push their young sons who reluctantly kick a man writhing in pain from the beatings. You will also watch the knee slapping hilarity of these lunatics placing a Superman shirt on a prisoner with hands tied behind his back and blindfolded as they push him off of the roof of a prison. P.S. For weak stomachs keep a bucket nearby.

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