Someone Else’s Breakthrough.

So, you’re on Facebook reading someone’s page.  Their life seems all-together and quite good, actually.  Family, wife, kids.  A quote here and there about God.  You look at the pictures and everyone looks happy.  Sure, there are a couple pictures with the stereotypical “red cup”  but hey, maybe it’s an old picture, right?

Later that day you find out they were arrested for child abuse.  This is a common story all over the country; if not those particular circumstances, something very similar.  These stories can sometimes very closely resemble our lives as Christians.  From a distance, in this case, through cyberspace, everything looks good.  Everything is all-together.  Every T crossed and every I dotted.  But, many times behind the scenes things are a mess.  We come to church and say all the right words.

A good friend of mine has a trademark saying, “How you really doin’?”  It’s so common for us to give the anticipated “God is good!” or “Above ground and serving the Lord!”  But sometimes it’s necessary to ask someone how they are REALLY doing.  Someone could be just a question away from break through.  Maybe they just need to know someone cares.  Or maybe the need to vent healthily instead of with the back of their hand.  This is where the church changes from being a gathering of people to being a gathering of family members.

Is there someone at your church that you notice week-in-and-week-out that never talks to anyone?  Maybe they come alone, maybe with their family.  Does someone look generally unhappy?  Maybe they even look happy but something inside of you screams “alert!”.  Perhaps this week is your opportunity.  If you happen to have their phone number, don’t wait, call them.  Pray, then call.  Maybe you can ask the church office for their information?  Sometimes you have no choice but to wait until Sunday.  Take this week to pray for that person (or those people). You might not even know their name.  God is a smart guy, you can just say “those people who sit in the back,” I’m sure he’ll know who you are talking about.  Lift them up.  Pray in the Spirit for them.  Allow God to begin to minister to them before you even speak a word.

Someone once said, “Nothing on earth happens except in answer to prayer.”  That’s powerful if you think about it.  God has given us the authority over this earth.  He expects us to give Him “permission” to intervene.  I know that I am saved because someone, somewhere prayed for me.  It may have been personal, it may have been a general prayer over a school, playground or neighborhood, but I do know this, it was because someone prayed for me.

Someone else’s breakthrough may be attached to your obedience.  Take a moment this week and intercede on someone’s behalf.

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  1. Dan says:

    Unfortunately the greetings of hi, good to see you, hello, have turned into (from what I can remember in my life) as the more “cool” greetings of what’s new?, how ya doing?, how are you?. These greetings usually are not given with the intentions of really wanting to know the truthful answer. My answers personally (with the exception of a few people that I THINK truly want to know how I am) are usually, good, fine, or the all telling, “in Christ and couldn’t be better”. My first thought to that one is really. If I really answered these greetings truthfully many would avoid asking me. At set-up for Sundays service each Saturday I’m asked how was my week, most times I say it was terrible. But now I get the feeling that they really don’t want to know so I keep my answers short. In truth I live a life of constant pain (unbearable at times) exhausted from lack of sleep, can’t eat, depressed, and pretty much a complete lie. In fact right now my back, hip, and knee are driving me insane. I took my pain medication (which of course after all of these years I’m addicted to). If I was to agree with the worlds labeling of people they would say I have the “disease” of being an alcoholic/addict. As a Christian I don’t buy into this lie.

    Since 2002 I have been fighting for social security disability. At 1 doctors appointment I was asked “How ya doing”? My answer was the standard fine, not really thinking about what I was saying. In truth I felt like crap. Since then , unfortunately since my doctor wrote that in my chart I have had to hear, “well Dan, on such and such a date you said you feel fine”. Well enough of the pity party. If you don’t REALLY want to know keep it as a simple Hi. You’ll be doing yourself and the receiver of the greeting a favor.

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