A New National Week Established

I am exercising my right to establish a new national week. (No one gave me that right, but I figure I have to exercise something) Consider the first week of September National Invite Someone To Church Week. Believe it or not Sept. 12th is national back to church day, so why not this?

I encourage you to invite someone to church this week. I want to give a simple example that’ll blow your mind. If a church of 75 members each invited one person to church attendance would double in one week. Mind blowing right? (well, maybe not mind blowing but hey, it’s exciting.) If this kept up for four weeks a church of 75 could become a church of 1200 in one month! Do you know 1200 people? No, but you know four. Start with just one and see what happens!

God is worthy. Let’s show Him we aren’t ashamed to bring someone with us this Sunday.

As a sidebar:  If you are 18-29ish and you live in the Wellington area we are beginning a new Young Adults Ministry that my wife and I will be overseeing.  You can check out more info @ http://www.axis.site40.net  (sorry the site isn’t complete… still working on it)


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  1. toyin says:

    Sounds like a plan. May God bless the ministry you and your wife are overseeing!

    1. Thanks so much! Friday is going to be powerful. Hope everyone will be in prayer for the lives of the Young Adults that’ll be gathering together in God’s Name.

  2. Jay says:

    Hey that sounds like a good week. I approve steve and you do have the right!! As a sidebar sidebar (would that be a sidebar squared or sidebar square root) anyway if you are a part of a young couple with kids, college age or older in the Hamlin, Lake Ariel area MY wife and I are also starting a new ministry that we will be overseeing. Sorry no website. Love ya Stevo

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