Are You Being Obedient?

Have I told you guys lately how much I love and appreciate each one of you?  Thank you for reading.  I hope reading is blessing you as much as I am being blessed by writing and being obedient to God’s call on my life.

JOHN ROSS ADAMS, 80, of Delray Beach passed away on August 16, 2010. Mr. Adams was an attorney in Delray Beach since 1958. He was a graduate of the Delray Beach High School, Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida Law School.

John served two years in the US Army during the Korean Conflict. He was very active in many civil organizations in Delray Beach including the Library, Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Adams served as a Municipal Judge for one year and City Attorney of Delray Beach for five years. Mr. Adams was originally a member of Gringle & Spinner Law Firm prior to joining Neil MacMillan and Harry Newett in partnership where he remained a partner for 24 years in the firm Macmillan, Newett, Adams, Strawn, Stanley & Botos. He became a sole proprietor in 1983 and continued his practice until his death. He was active in several churches in the area and was a member of St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church at his death.

John is survived by his wife, Marian A. Adams; two sons, John Ross “Jack” Adams, and his wife, Dianne of Boynton Beach, David L. Adams of Atlanta, GA; his daughter, Nancy Lynn Adams; grandson, Justin Adams; sister, Neville Aubrey; niece, Susan Gibson; nephews, Jay Gezelschap and Charles Gezelschap; cousin, Chloe Darrah; step-children, Melanie Tomlinson, Allison Hedges, Kim Morrow, Leigh Birdsong, David Mosley, as well as many dedicated friends and clients.

This is one of over 1500 obituaries from Palm Beach County, FL for the month of August.  There will be approximately 200 more before the end of the month.  A great man of God decided one day, at the church where he resided as lead pastor, to place a copy of the day’s obituaries on each of his staff’s desks with a note attached that read “Where a person spends their eternity may depend upon how well you do your job today.”

How awesome and terrifying is that thought?  It’s not just true of church workers, but of all Christians.  Where a man spends his eternity may very well depend on how obedient you are to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

God is faithful to direct your path.  We have to realize that His direction isn’t always just for our personal benefit, but quite often it is for the enrichment of others.  We must get past selfish thinking.  We can’t just ask God to direct our paths to open doors for us to get bigger better things.  It’s vital that we ask the Lord to lead us to someone who will benefit from knowing us.

If you were lost and on your way to hell wouldn’t you want someone to come along and give you the ticket out?  People are hurting and on their way to eternal damnation and they have no idea.  Make it your job to tell them.  No job is not my job!


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