Who Cares About Denomination??

So, you’re a Christian?   How many times have you been asked, “what kind of Christian are you?”. Many people view all Christians as catholic since that is what is most prominently in the news and media.  Any time you watch television or movies you are more than likely to see a stuffy old church with a stuffy old priest leading a stuffy old mass.  Please don’t misinterpret… I’m not saying this of all catholic churches… I’m simply stating what TV and movies portray Catholicism as, we all have different views.

Others see all Christians as lunatic Charismatics shaking and convulsing while some weirdo pushes them onto the ground.  I happen to be one of those crazy Charismatics, but the stereotypes rarely ever fit when the real individual is put in front of you.  There are many extremists that give each denomination a bad name.  I find that the scariest part of the whole thing is just how many sects of Christianity there are.  If asked, “how many different denominations are there?”, most of us would start counting – catholic, presbyterian, lutheran, methodists, assembly of God, church of Christ, reformist, non-reformist, and if we know our stuff we’d probably land at about 20-30?  The sad truth is that as of the year 2000 there were 38,000 known sects of Christianity in the world, all of which were preaching the death burial and resurrection of Christ.

What kind of nonsense is this?!  It’s amazing that after everyone agreed about the birth, crucifixion, burial, resurrection and ascent, there were still 38,000 other things to argue about.  Wow!  What leads us to be so confused about a Book that is written on a sixth grade reading level?

I recently had this discussion with a friend of mine who is an awesome woman of God.  I asked her why?  She said she had the same question.  In 1992 she was in a conference when the speaker announced how many denominations there were in the world and it puzzled her in much the same way it perplexed me.  She began to ask God.  “Why Lord would you allow us to have such varied opinions of Your Word?”  She received a response in the form of a vision.

The vision looked like this:   She saw the hand of God grab a pile of rocks and throw them into a glass.  The hand shook the glass around and spilled the contents out on a table, much like if you were rolling

dice.  Upon release the stones became polished marble.  She said she heard the Voice speak to her saying,

“I knew that if you banged up against each other enough you’d eventually become polished.”  In other words, we have each other to debate with in order to get precise answers.

I agree with my friend’s vision… it’s true that we need healthy theological debates in order to become polished.  But NEVER at the risk of losing a soul to the devil.  Fellowship with a Christian friend,

calmly and nicely discussing your difference of opinions is fine over dinner, but are you wasting time could be used leading a non-believer into the kingdom?

I’m here to say that we’ve had enough time to debate amongst ourselves.  While we’ve all been arguing and debating over whether or not to wear robes in a sanctuary, or which candle to light and when, people are dying and going to hell.  While we’ve spend years arguing the second coming of Christ, 2/3 of the world hasn’t even heard about His first visitation.  People, enough is enough.  Jesus came, Jesus conquered, and He reigns.  Let’s start telling people.  Stop hiding your light under a basket.  Quit moaning and whining about which denomination is better.  Stop trying to convert everyone who already loves Jesus.  Who cares if they believe in worship with electric guitars and drums or if they only use voices.  Stop trying to convert someone to your sect of Christianity… go find the sinner, dying and headed to hell and tell them why they should buy into your particular doctrine.

Jesus is worthy of more than petty arguing and nonsensical debates. He’s worth a life of following Him to the ends of the earth.  Follow Him wherever He leads.  Not only when it’s easy, or it fits your schedule… but always.


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