Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch Me Worship.

Tonight was rough.  As many of you know, my wife and I serve on our church’s Worship Team.  This week we have the rare opportunity to lead the service.  The enemy began his attack early. We have to set up and tear down our church on a weekly basis because we have not yet been blessed with a permanent facility.  And because our fearless leader was out of town we had to set up all of his gear so that my wife could play piano.  His stuff is very involved to say the least.  There was a bit of a miscommunication and some people that I thought were going to be there to help weren’t and my patience was tested.  For the record I wasn’t mad at anyone… no person upset me… it was just the circumstances.

It’s so easy to get burdened by circumstance.  Why do we allow this?  Paul writes, “I die daily,”  The greatest part of that statement is that nothing can harm a dead man.  Nothing can bother a dead man.  If we allow ourselves to be dead men walking then our circumstances should have no hold over us.  God showed this to me tonight and it resonates in my soul.  I am dead… I am an alien in this world.  I’m NOT OF THIS WORLD!  I live here, I function here, but my heart and thoughts are on things that are eternal.  I die daily.

The good news is that we stopped and prayed.  We didn’t stop and pray that God would fix mistakes, or make everything all right.  We stopped and gave glory to God.  You know what the biggest mistake Christians make in their prayer life is?  We tell God what’s wrong, constantly.  It’s okay to vent to God, to petition Him for what we need, but let me give you an analogy.

If you were a father and the only time your son or daughter talked to you was when something was wrong, or they needed something, wouldn’t you start to feel unloved?  God wants us to be more than just complainers, even if we do it with the best of intentions.  He wants our worship.  He wants our hearts.  He wants our love.

You know what the last thing the devil wants is?  To see you worship.  When I’m facing a tough situation, I don’t go to God and ask Him to fix it every time.  I stand firm and I tell the enemy to sit down, shut up, and watch me worship my God.  I don’t even always rebuke the devil or tell Him to get behind me.  Sometimes I want to force Him to suffer.  He suffers when Christ is lifted up.  Satan hates us so why not mess him up a little bit?

What happens when we worship?  We draw close to God and He draws closer to us.  When we put the Kingdom of Heaven above everything, then, and only then, will all things work together for our good.

So next time you are faced with a huge giant of a problem, tell the devil to “sit down, shut up and watch me worship.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    This is beautiful! Your God given gift to share your life and your walk with God through your words is precious.

  2. Jay says:

    My friend Bob used to tell me that if you are in a bad spot praise your way out of it. You just told me the same thing. It has helped me in my life so many times and it is a great reminder. I needed that. Thanks Steve GREAT job. Miss you friend.

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