This Weekend – Worship.

Did you know that God created this weekend for you?  It wasn’t happenstance or coincidence.  It wasn’t a random calculation of a computer.  This weekend was created especially for you.  It’s important that we realize how personal God wants to be with us.  He designed it for YOU.  Accept it… embrace it… this weekend – worship like you’re the last one left and it’s just you and God.

Worship isn’t a feeling.  It’s not goosebumps.  It isn’t some mystical thing.  It’s not about the music.  It certainly isn’t about you liking the song.  You don’t have to be “into the music”.

Worship is a sacrifice.  It requires selflessness.  You need to lay down your pride and raise your hands to the God who gave you life… twice.  He breathed His breath into you at birth, and then breathed into you again when you came back to Jesus.

Worship is for God.  You aren’t supposed to “receive” from it… you are supposed to give.  It really irritates me when I hear people say that they didn’t get anything out of worship.  I’ve talked to people who tell me they tried a church and worship “did nothing for them”.  Worship will never “do anything for you” unless you realize that it was designed to do something for Him.  You’ll feel satisfied in worship when your heart is turned toward honoring and glorifying God.

Leaders –  Worship leaders – It’s not about you… it’s not an outlet for the musical gift God gave you.  It’s not an opportunity for someone who used to be in a band to get involved in music again.  If you aren’t up there solely to praise and glorify the King then you are wasting space.  God isn’t looking for talent… He has the most talented of all in heaven worshiping Him daily.  Let me say that again.  You have nothing compared to the angels.  They sing, dance, and play their instruments better than any of us here.  We pale in comparison.  God isn’t looking for talent… He is looking for a heart that yearns to please Him.

This Sunday – worship like He deserves to be worshiped.


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  1. Jay says:

    Way to go Steve, i love to hear you say this because it is so evident in your actions, you walk what you talk and do it with ease. Love you man!!!

  2. I could NOT leave this page without commenting… I would like to THANK YOU for these words! They breathed life into me. You see I am a liturgical dancer with not much training. I have felt guilty about dancing without the same skill as some others… YOU reminded me here that God is NOT seeking my talent. He wants my HEART; and that’s what I owe Him. Blessings to you!

    1. Hey Natasha,

      I’m so glad that this post spoke to you. It is such a blessing to know that 7 months after posting this message you’ve received it and God spoke to you through it.

      As a worship leader who just a short couple of years ago played the club scene in a Christian band and toured locally, it is easy to fall back into the “performance”. It is tempting to worry so much about how professionally we acted that we lose focus of the goal. I find that times when I am completely abandoned to Him, not even caring that there is a crowd in front of me, are the times when I receive the most compliments. And surely, it isn’t about the pats on the back, but we’d all lie if we said it wasn’t nice to hear confirmation that we “did well”.

      God is a Holy God. He is worthy of our best – but it’s OUR best He is concerned with… not THE best.

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