Give Me Your Eyes For Just One Second.

The image to the right is a real image take from space.  It is called the Helix Nebula, or God’s eye.  It is just another reason to stand in awe of God’s perfect creation.

There’s a popular song in Christian music that wears these lyrics on it’s preverbal sleeve:

Give me Your eyes for just one second

Give me Your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

Give me Your love for humanity.

I can’t help but be challenged by this song.  I’ve heard it roughly 180 thousand times and as a song I’m just sick of hearing it, but its message is so powerful.  My mentor recently encouraged me to try to see people through God’s eyes.  It’s such a tough thing to ask of someone.  We study and read the Word.  We listen to sermons and read blogs, but as much as we do these things we still don’t know God the way most of us would like to.  I wish above all things that I could have even just ONE SECOND with God’s eyes.  I don’t know that we could endure even that one second, but I think it would be enough for us to understand.

I believe that when God looks at us He sees our potential.  He doesn’t see the scumbag, dirtbag sinner that we see when we look into the mirror.  He sees His perfect Son (assuming that you’ve given your life to Him and are following after Him).  He sees Jesus, and His righteousness.

So, what does He see when He looks at someone lost in the world?  God sees a person that He loves.  He experiences painful emotions.  Yes, God has emotions.  Why would He create us with emotions if He Himself had none.  God’s heart aches when He looks upon someone who has not yet chosen to follow Him.  He desires that “none should perish”.  We have to try to see the world through God’s eyes.  We need to begin to ache for those who are lost and going to hell.

God called us to be Salt and Light.  It’s easy for us to go to church week after week and feel so awesome standing in the presence of God around other believers.  We feel like we can conquer the world sometimes.  We amen at the right time and get all excited inside when we hear an encouraging word, but oftentimes we leave without acting on the message.  As James writes, “be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it,”.  The Devil is perfectly fine with you sitting in church getting excited.  Inside the walls of the church you aren’t dangerous.  It’s when you get outside that you become dangerous.  If you were called to be Light, but you only get pumped up in church then you are merely light surrounded by more light.  It’s when light goes out into darkness that it becomes potent.

The world is our battlefield.  We are constantly at war with our enemy.  We are blessed to know that the greater one lives inside of us.  If you were in a physical war and you knew that you were invincible and had access to the greatest weapon ever created, one that could not be stopped, would you fear your enemy?  Would you be afraid of being injured or killed?  In the spiritual war that we face each day, we are invincible, we have the most powerful force ever conceived living on the inside of us.

1 John 4:4 says, “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”  So, what are you waiting for?  Go be dangerous!  Be dangerous at work, at school, in the mall.  Be a rebel!  Jesus rebelled against the social norm, what are we doing?  Get out there and cause some trouble for the Devil!!


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  1. Veronica says:

    It’s like you were speaking right to me today Steven. What a frustrating world we walk around in. There are definantly times where I think, “man, I hate the world, I wish I could always be surrounded by my church family.” I was recently in a situation where I was surrounded by lost people and somehow I ended up talking with the only saved people in the room. It’s very hard not to get suckedinto conversations of my past. On one hand we are supposed to be light but also the word says not to become part of a group you shouldn’t be in. So where is the line? I felt so secluded.

  2. It’s funny how we do the exact opposite God asks us to, isn’t it? He tells us to get dirty with those who spread the dirt and talked to them, help them, love them. But what do we normally do? Find the saved people in the room and huddle in our corner. Light surrounded by light. It’s in no way meant to make you feel bad, it’s something most of us do. We don’t want to be taken out of our comfort zones. Where do you draw the line? You’ve seen first hand what we went through as a band. There isn’t some line in the sand that you know you can’t cross. The Spirit has to lead you day by day. Jesus had dinner with sinners and hung out with them at their houses. The major difference between us and Jesus is that He was ALWAYS prayed up. He spent hours in prayer every morning preparing for the day.

    If you notice, Jesus’ miracles and ministry times were always an interruption. If I’m not mistaken, every time Jesus healed someone it was an interruption. In other words, Jesus was going to do one thing and someone stopped Him and said can you do this. He was ready in season and out of season. He didn’t know what things were going to come His way but He was always ready.

    Just being around non-christians and acting contrary to the way they are acting says big things in this world now-a-days. People WILL notice that you aren’t swearing and I’ve often had people call me on it. That’s when the door opens.

    As much as we want to, we can’t allow ourselves to isolate ourselves. Satans two big tricks are fear and isolation. If he can get us to be afraid of people’s reactions toward us, or get us to isolate ourselves, he is no longer in danger of losing another soul.

    Challenge: Get dirty.

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