Car Parts

Today my brother and I endeavored to fix my car.  For weeks my car has been getting horrible gas milage and dragging terribly.  I asked many educated men what the problem seemed to be and they told me that my front wheel bearings were shot so we decided today would be a good day to get it done.

We gathered all of our tools and set out for my parent’s house where we’d have plenty of room and an air compressor to remove the tires.  Upon disassembling the first of the two tires, we discovered that the car was dragging because one of my calipers was frozen in addition to the wheel bearings being messed up.

This reminded me of how God works in us.  We prepare and prepare for a big fix.  We spend time and effort trying to mend or dispose of things in our life but along the way God reveals other things that are doing more damage than the one we set out to fix in the first place.

Our vision is often times short-sighted.  We don’t see the whole picture.  Thankfully, God does.  He is so faithful.

I then realized that this analogy can work both ways.  God sends us down the road with a vision but we only see part of it.  He sees the grand vision.

As an example; maybe you are a business man. The Lord may stop you outside your office and tell you, “Go and talk to that woman in the green coat; she need to be ministered to.”  You now have a choice.  Obey or ignore. God’s plans are sometimes two-fold.  You may believe that the plan is for you to go and help the lady but his overall goal may be for you to help the lady and to establish a new relationship.  Her acquaintance may lead to an open a door into the company you’ve been trying to get your foot into for years.

God attaches blessing to obedience.  We may have to do something uncomfortable like talk to a stranger or lend a helping hand (which is a small thing, like the shotty wheel bearing) in order to find God’s true purpose, the interview in the big company (or the big nasty frozen caliper!)

If we are obedient and follow God’s voice, he may tell you to “fix the wheel bearing”  only to find the frozen caliper.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Awesome analogy!

    It used to frustrate me to only see a small part of the picture but I soon realized that God’s vision for our lives is SO much more then we could even fathom that if you knew the whole plan our internal computers would probably crash (mental picture of the robot from lost in space waving his arms saying, “danger Will Robison!”).

    I think we as Christians get tunnel vision. We focus so intently on the goal that we forget about the Journey. A mentor of mine once reminded me that God’s will is not a destination, its journey.

    1. Thanks man. For years I had held on to prophetic words concerning music. I believed whole-heartedly that it meant my work with Stonehigh ( – shameless self promotion at it’s best) But when God and I had that unforgettable conversation where He asked me to let the band go I didn’t understand. It was super frustrating. I begged Him to let me understand. I obeyed fully, without question, but I still wanted to understand. It wasn’t until almost two years later that I received another word, from our mutual mentor, that opened a door inside of me, set a spark of flame that inspired me. He told my wife and I that he sees us leading worship at a large church. He also said that the church wouldn’t be in Florida which gave us more joy. Up until that day the desire to lead worship wasn’t in us at all. From that day forward it’s been our greatest desire. God has revealed little by little to us His plan. We know that we still only see a small piece but we are encouraged each time a new facet is revealed.

      God is so good and so faithful.

  2. Dan says:

    Another way to adress the issue of “car parts”, automobiles and all that good stuff is to look at the way we react when dealing with these things. Like the fact that people at car parts stores want you in and out the door as quick as possible. You may get home and find you have the wrong part. Is it the car persons fault or the fact that there are so many different parts for cars these days, (I grew up when you could fix a VolksWagon Beetle with a paper clip, no exageration). Today you need a computer program to find the problem and many times you’ll get a false report. We should know as Christians God does not give false reports. Learning to hear His voice (and not necessarily audible like many people say us crazy Christians hear), but His words become our thoughts and we have to make the choice if it is His voice speaking to us. Most times it takes stepping out of the boat in faith. Back to the car. At 51 years old with physical limitations I didn’t have years ago made yesterdays ordeal excruciating to me. From snapping at my sons or using adjectives that are not becoming for a Christian to use. The bottom line, I’m human. I stand outside now and need to change my clothes after 10 minutes. A job like the brakes I would have been able to do without thinking years ago. Today with sweat dripping in my eyes, pain, pain killers, and frustration make things all the more difficult. At this point in my life relying on the wisdom of men is not always the best choice, but it is the fast fix we want in our daily lives. It’s much easier to be lazy and avoid going to God for help. At my age and the amount of time since I have been a Christian I should know better. In fact at one time I did. Then the physical problems started and that was Satans way to try to destroy, confuse, and push me back all of the steps I had already advanced. Avoid this at all costs. The walk back is much harder than the initial steps you took in the beginning. I hope this makes sense, it’s early, I’m recovering from yesterdays ordeal (which I’m finding my body isnot like it was when I was a young man and it hurts to know that. But God can restore. He has already restored the damage done to my heart from a heart attack a few years back. The tests results show no damage (which is unheard of other than an intervention by God).I am going to use this forum in a greedy way. I ask anybody who reads this to ask God to restore me back to the days of my youth, to give me the mind and heart of Christ, to love my fellow man no matter how much I’ve been abused mentally or physically and to give me wisdom.

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