I recently posted a post that grabbed some attention and I think some of the comments made were valid enough for a full post.  The original topic was concerning the “seeker friendly movement’.  These churches are sprouting up on just about every street corner, lead by Pastors and teachers who are too afraid to preach on things with eternal value.  Constantly encouraging their flock with messages of prosperity and hope (don’t get me wrong those are fully biblical principals) yet ignoring more “hot button” subjects like sin and tithing.

The problem is that “seeker friendly” churches aren’t Biblical. Encouraging messages have their place, but the point of church is to learn. A pastor’s job is to preach concerning sin. Church, in a way, is meant to make you feel uncomfortable. If you are comfortable then chances are you aren’t being taught about the things God requires of his people.

Sin is a subject that “seeker friendly” churches ignore because it makes people uncomfortable. Jesus made people uncomfortable. Do you think the Pharisees were comfortable when Jesus called them out over and over again?

Churches like this are all about numbers. The more people they can get in the door the more they feel they are doing for the Kingdom. Unfortunately, that is the mind-set of American church, not the rest of the world.

The rest of the world is content spending months ministering to a few people in order for those few people to be able to impact other people and so on and so forth. We should be focusing on training disciple makers, not just disciples. It’s the concept of bearing fruit that bears trees that bear fruit that bears more trees that bear fruit that bears trees…

Jesus focused on 12 guys. Don’t you think he’d have been more effective if he trained 1200 guys? We think so because that’s how we’ve been trained. But it’s been proven that you can only effectively train small groups like the number 12.

Large churches with Large church mindsets ignore things like sin, tithing, giving, outreaches and other things like this in order to make people feel comfortable. However, getting someone saved and not training them is worse than not getting them saved at all. In Revelation 3:16 Jesus says that he will vomit the lukewarm out of his mouth.

God wasn’t talking to someone who was a part of His kingdom here. In verse 16 he says the word spit, or vomit in some translations.  This is the only time this word is found in the New Testament. Vomit – This is the literal meaning of the Greek verb ἐμέω (emew). It is usually translated with a much weaker term like “spit out” due to the unpleasant connotations of the English verb “vomit.

God would rather us be cold then “sort of saved” (even though you can’t really be sort of saved.)

If hundreds of people get saved but are never taught that their sin isn’t okay with God then are they truly saved? Salvation isn’t a prayer it’s a heart condition.

There are too many lukewarm people out there claiming to be Christians because they said a magic prayer.  America is due for a revival.  Soon people will get tired of weak doctrine and look for something more substantial than “guy smiley” on TV telling everyone everything is gonna be okay.


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