Church doesn’t start at 10:38am??

There’s an epidemic abroad. It’s unfortunate, but a vast majority of church-goers have a strange disease that causes them to be unable to tell time. No, no, it’s true. We haven’t quite nailed down what’s causing this outbreak, however, we do know that common cases include the Sunday morning churcher.

Alright, now that I’ve offended a great number of people, I’ve also acquired your attention. It seems that we’ve all lost focus of the purpose of church. In this modern day, it’s easy to be uninformed. Where there are 20 thousand member churches preaching only the prosperity message, and seeker friendly churches popping up on every street corner, it’s no wonder we are all ill-informed. Church was designed for one purpose – to worship Christ. It wasn’t designed to listen to a sermon, although a sermon is great to hear and be challenged by. So, when the average churcher (yes, I’ve coined a phrase) shows up 8-30 minutes after the Worship Service starts, it’s unsurprising; we’re all uneducated. In keeping with the laws of men, from this point on ignorance is no excuse for any of us. Church starts when the first note is struck. For many of us, church starts when pre-service prayer begins.

It’s time to stop playing church, friends. We need to focus on the God of the universe. The One who created us deserves our praises!

I don’t know what time your church starts. Mine starts @ 10:30am, not 10:38.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    God is waiting for us to spend time with him not just to recieve from Him. It is time to give to God our very best worship and our undivided attention.

  2. Eddie says:

    God is always on time for us. Don’t miss even one minute with Him.

  3. Michele says:

    Amen Eddie.

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